Hey there, I'm Arthur!

A graphic and UI/UX designer dedicated to crafting
user experiences that marry aesthetics with functionality.

About me
Social Media
Graphic Design
UX Design
UI Design

I am driven to create work that helps communicate a brand's story and message. My goal is to promote a community-based design perspective focused on connection and empathy by utilizing user-centric design methodologies. My projects involve brand identity design, creative content strategy, social media & web design, and product design.

I am an avid learner and explorer. I love learning about the world around me and discovering new things. On top of being a designer, I am an artist who seeks to create introspective work. I often seek to combine my graphic design and analog work to express my reactions to the world and people around me. I love going to museums, restaurants, cafes, book shops, thrift stores, and anywhere that fosters creativity. I also love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I've been to eight different countries so far, and I want to see more! Feel free to message me for more information about me and my work!

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